Our Story

We are a passionate team with one common desire: Change the world one cell phone at a time. Our team recognized that there is no safe, reliable and convenient way to sell used cell phones, so we set out to find solutions to revolutionize the industry.

Supported by many organizations including FuturPreneur Canada and the Développement Économique de la Ville de Laval, we constantly innovate and listen to our customers day after day to offer the perfect customer experience every time.


Our mission

Our mission is to change the way people sell and recycle their used cell phones. There are too many phones rotting away in the drawers of Canadian households, phones that work perfectly well or only require minor repairs. In fact, the average Canadian exchanges their cellular device every 18 months, while the devices were designed to last 7 years!

In the community

Since our inception, uRecell has been associated with Breakfast Club of Canada. The mission of this organization is to give an equal chance of success to all kids, one breakfast at a time.


For each and every cell phone we receive, $1 is donated to Breakfast Club of Canada. Every donation helps one Canadian child get a healthy, balanced breakfast before going to school (1 unit = 1 breakfast).


Employees & Corporate culture

We constantly seek to bring our corporate culture to another level, and it starts with a healthy and motivating work environment. This is why we are committed to challenging ourselves to do better, offering our employees:

  • A healthy and safe work environment
  • A fun and challenging work
  • A competitive salary
  • Opportunities to give back to the community through volunteer and fundraising activities.
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Support and ongoing training