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1. Collect used phones

Ask your friends, family and relatives to support your cause by giving their old cell phones. They can donate the full value of the phone to your organization, or keep a part and donate the rest. (See example below)

2. Give extra money around you

Are you fundraising through door to door sales? We provide your organization with coupon cards to distribute that give the person an extra $5 per trade-in on, and $5 to your organization.

3. Ship us the phones

Once your campaign is over, your campaign leader collects the phones from his team and contact us. We’ll provide a FREE prepaid shipping label to send us the phones.

4. Get paid fast

Once we receive the phones, they are quickly inspected and the money is distributed via Paypal, Interac e-Transfer or check to your organization and your donators.
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A fundraising campaign that fits your needs

For Schools

Perfect to fund your next European trip or activity

For Sports Teams

We know how expensive big tournaments can be for parents, cut your wallet some slack by making big money recycling phones

For Organized Groups

Need some money to fund your organized group? Try our uRecell Campaign and reach your goal faster than ever!

For Corporate Groups

Do you and your colleagues need money for a project close to your heart? Finance it with uRecell.
Here is an example
Your friend Maria has an iPhone 5 with Rogers that is collecting dust in her drawer, and she wants to help you reach your fundraising goal. You verify with her how much we offer for her iPhone 5 on, and ask her what percentage of that amount she wants to give to your campaign (1 – 100%). Maria is very generous, and gives you 90% of the value of her iPhone 5. You then fill Maria’s information on the provided sticker and paste it to the phone. Once the campaign over, you give all cell phones to the campaign organizer, who sends the collected phones to uRecell’s offices using the free prepaid shipping label. We then distribute payments to the donators (Maria) and your organization via the method they chose (PayPal, Interac e-Transfer or Check) within 48h following the inspection of the devices.
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