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1 Phone = 1 Breakfast
Sell Any Phone(Samsung, LG, Android) Receive up to 690$ per device !
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    Selling your phone has never been so easy

    1. Choose your model

    Answer a few simple questions and instantly get a free quote by email.

    2. Ship us your device

    Ship us your devices using our free express prepaid shipping kit or label.

    3. Get paid fast

    We verify your device and you receive payment via Paypal, Interac e-Transfer or Check within 48 hours.

    Why uRecell?

    Because we are the best in our field. Period.
    Data Destruction
    All phones are professionally wiped clean of any information. Data destruction certificates are available on demand
    Cold Hard Cash
    We pay you cash directly via PayPal, Interac e-Transfer or Standard Check
    100% Free
    No selling fee. No shipping fee. No transaction fee.
    Top Value
    Receive up to $690 per phone. A team of professionals is constantly analysing the market to ensure you always receive the highest payout for your device.
    Any Condition
    Whether your device looks new, has scratches or is completely broken we’ll still buy it
    Zero Risk
    You have not selected the correct model or physical condition of the device and we need to review your offer? You can pick up your phone at no charge in most cases.
    Have many devices to sell?
    "The whole process was simple and fast ! My company had upgraded their phones and Rogers was not even giving us half of what we got from uRecell. Highly recommended."
    Corporate Client - Jonathan D.Mixed iPhone
    "We used uRecell services for our business and we have been impressed. The technicians were courteous and efficient. They gave us the check at the end of the inspection and the whole process was really smooth. Great service !"
    Juliette P.Samsung S3 & iPhone 5S